Increase your sales volume by offering additional options and accessories automatically, apply triggers to close sales, discounts and much more.

Sales module

Show your products and services in a professional way.

Send clear and complete quotes to your potential customers. Add product descriptions, awesome images, and additional information by dragging and dropping building blocks.


Sell more efficiently

Reduce data entry
sending quotes with just a few clicks. Convert quotes to sales orders and invoices from the same screen. It integrates with the CRM application to manage your sales flow from qualification to closing.


Management of subscriptions

Focus on your services and relationships while Curiosity automated features manage your recurring sales and subscriptions. Provide clear contracts and automated invoices quickly and without errors. Take care of taxes and payments with ease. Everything is done according to your settings.



Do more in less time

Schedule activities according to your sales scripts: calls, meetings, sending emails and quotes. Get all the information you need directly on the opportunity: website pages visited, emails received, etc.


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