Curiosity's general configuration works more like a module. The Curiosity Configuration Module General Settings is a sophisticated tool that allows you to access more features and permissions of the Curiosity modules, as well as gain a better understanding of the Curiosity system.

Settings module

Powerful and effective tool

Increase the efficiency of your Curiosity system. The basic configuration mainly allows you to manage the configuration of your Curiosity, as well as the modules. Although each Curiosity module has its own configuration settings, the most complex tools are found in General Settings.

The best technology in your hands

Curiosity is sophisticated enterprise management software, and general configuration monitoring and evaluation is required for advanced use of the Curiosity system. Individual Curiosity modules have their own settings and functionality that must be enabled.

Approval module

It is deeply integrated into Odoo, but it requires your permission from Settings to intervene in the procedures of other Modules, and you don’t always need to go to General Settings; instead, you can arrange this from the module’s Control Panel settings.

Configuring your system

You can essentially regulate the nature of a module’s operation and procedures. If you want an even more advanced Odoo settings module experience and you have prior knowledge with Odoo development, you can extend the Odoo settings module by adding and customizing the modules default settings.

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