Receive automatic reconciliation proposals and record additional journal entries on the fly.

Accounting module


Automatically spread across multiple entries to reflect your deferred income and expenses, they are created in draft mode and published periodically.

Monitor and analyze your figures to grow your company

Facilitate analytical distribution on customer or supplier invoices thanks to a dedicated widget and manage multiple analytical plans and sub-plans to shape your own multi-dimensions and analytical axes.

Smart reconciliation tool

Get reconciliation proposals automatically, record additional journal entries on the fly, perform searches efficiently. Accounts with an interface for manual reconciliations, both for open and paid invoices. Learn from accounting figures based on the first manual reconciliation. Odoo reconciles 95% of invoices and payments automatically and the smart reconciliation tool allows you to reconcile the remaining 5% quickly.

Clear customer invoices

Curiosity invoices are easy to create, clear and multifunctional (with payment terms, multiple taxes, discounts, price lists).

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