Frequently Asked Questions

A Curiosity CDP App is a high-level component that includes several modules related to a common business domain, such as CRM or Sales. A Curiosity CDP Module is an optional component that adds specific functionalities and may depend on other modules.

Curiosity CDP modules are published under the AGPL license, which requires all modules to be licensed in the same way as the rest of the system.

An official or certified module is developed and verified by Curiosity CDP SA and is included in the standard distribution of Curiosity CDP.

A community module is developed by members of the Curiosity CDP community and is available for anyone to download and use.

The Curiosity CDP Help Center integrates the Forum, eLearning, and Knowledge apps, allowing teams and customers to search for and share detailed information about products and services.

The Knowledge app is a collaborative library where users can store, edit, and share information, accessible throughout the entire Curiosity CDP database.

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