Help desk

Optimize your tickets the way you want with the amazing kanban view.
Get an instant overview of your team's workload and check the status of a ticket based on your custom Service Level Agreement rules.

Help desk module

Maximize your productivity

You can create different teams to assign tickets to, and you can create a unique email address for each team that customers can write to directly.

Provide better self-service

Build your self-service platform by directly linking your FAQs, training videos, and presentations to a ticket.
Build a community around your products with the forum.

Create tickets via email

Customers can easily create support tickets via email. Incoming emails automatically create a ticket and, based on the email alias, can be assigned to the appropriate teams.

Set your own Service Level Agreement rules

Set standards for your team by creating your own Service Level Agreements. They can be created based on ticket subject type, tags, and/or by priority. Choose between a stage that must be reached or applied at a specific stage.

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